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Embassy Tinos
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Tinos belongs to the group of islands Kiklades. The island was inhabited at different times of the Ionians.

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SV8P SZ8P. Hams members Pikra DX Club will be active from the island of Tinos, Cyclades.

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The island was inhabited at different times of the Ionians, venitsiantsy Turks. There was a time when Tinos was a member.

Embassy Tinos

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Telephone: (495) 629 35 42 629 46 42 629 46 40 97 consular voprosy629 42. Embassy hotline.

Embassy Tinos

Embassy Tinos

I was on the island Route: Thessaloniki Corfu Meteora Tinos Syros Patmos.

Embassy Tinos

Shrine of southern Greece and the islands of Part 5 - Tinos

Tinos. Tinos name of the island and its main city, is very important for the Greek.

Embassy Tinos

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Tinos still looks very Greek in comparison with almost all.

Embassy Tinos

Tinos, Tinos island in the Aegean sea

Visit Tinos, one of the jewels of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea is waiting for you to.

Embassy Tinos

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Pochivka on s s Tinos and Mykonos, Tinos island Grtsiya, Pochivka